Head shot Jamboree!

I was so excited to be able to offer a full weekend of head shots and portraits at the new Sylvia Center For The Arts (http://sylviacenterforthearts.org/). This was a community based event where high quality images could be offered at a great price ($50/person) with people signing up in advance. I ended up photographing sixteen people and I think the results were terrific! I hope this will be an event that may be a regular thing.


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Tennessee Wedding

Clarksville, Tennessee has a hidden gem in the Smith-Lahearne Mansion. It really is perhaps the most beautiful place I have ever photographed a wedding. Such a beautiful couple at such a beautiful spot made my job very easy. I love doing wedding photography when it all goes right just like this.

Location weddings can be stressful. I can’t bring studio lighting or even multiple cameras due to travel restrictions. This was the first wedding I’d shot with my new Sony RX10 Markiii which is, strictly speaking, a bridge camera meaning it is relatively small and has a built-in lens but as these images show it more than held its own and allowed me to travel with a small bag containing any the camera, a flash, a flash radio transmitter, neutral density filters and a cable release. Other than that all I had with me was a small tripod and a reflector and yet I am very pleased with what we managed to achieve.

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Portrait/Headshot Weekend

I’m excited to invite you all to join me for a very special weekend on the 17th and 18th of June. At that time will be the opportunity to get portraits or business head shots taken anytime between nine and for at the Sylvia Centre in downtown Bellingham. Please take a look at http://www.philrosephoto.com/headshots.html for more information and I hope to see you all there!

Headshot weekend3

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From Clown to Beauty

A year or so ago I did a photo shoot for the Idiom Theatre here in Bellingham. This was for a production based around clowns. This was a photograph I got of one of the performers, Shu-Ling.

Clowns (103 of 436)_1

When I saw, about a week or so ago, that she had posted it on Facebook saying that she needed a headshot for grant applications for the new theatre and that this was all she had I knew that it was a great opportunity for me to offer my services on a voluntary basis. And so I met her at the theatre and we shot these photographs. It’s hard to believe that this is the same person!

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Katie is a local ballet dancer who wanted to collaborate with me to produce some fine art. So we found another local, a make up artist and the three of us worked to produce these images.


On a semi-regular basis I like to rent Inspire Yoga Studio in downtown Bellingham because it is a very large space with lots of beautiful windows and exposed brick as well as hardwood floors. There are also lots of electrical outlets which makes a big difference, of course!


This was the first time I’ve attempted something which I wanted to do for a long time which is to have the trailing white powder. I think that usually this is chalk powder but we used flower which seemed to work very well.


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Out in the Sticks at Midnight.

In the off-season I find I have more of a chance to get out into nature and photograph beautiful county. Last week a friend and I went off to the Lummi Ferry Dock. People may remember just how incredibly cold it was last week and I feel like I almost lost some fingers!


But despite the freezing weather it was very much worth it to capture these images. I was pleased to discover the difference just a few feet of elevation can make. I’m not gonna show you the shot that I took first but this one is the one I took when I walked down onto the beach and the lighting became so much softer. When I was up higher the central light just streaked across the sea causing a horrible glare. This is so much nicer, trust me!


I’m not sure what it is about this shot that appeal so much. Perhaps that is the stark nature or the cones of light coming from the three light sources but anyway somehow this reminds me of Scandinavia. The angled lines pull the eye into the centre of the frame which is also a good thing, of course.


A 10 second exposure renders of the sea as a soft mirror reflecting all the straight lines. I particularly love the ladder that is a detail that catches the eye on the right and the bird which catches the eye on the left.


Another stark image I like very much. The summer shows at five seconds and something about it looks like infrared. I also love the echo of the rather dimmer pole in the centre.

If you like any of these images in particular I would like a print please don’t hesitate to get in touch. I always love to sell images as prints and to imagine them gracing somebody’s wall.


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Emma From the Last Century.


Something that I really love to do is to bring a high level of art to my shoots. This often means needing to shoot purely for the love of the artistry and with no idea of earning any money!


I’ve been lucky enough to meet a local young woman with wonderful looks and a great ability to model. She is always willing to take on new projects and to share our creativity.


This week we went into the studio with a local hairstylist and make-up artist to produce them shots in the style of the 1910s, 20s and 30s. I hope you like the results. I am very happy with them.


If you know of somebody, male or female, who might be looking to put together a portfolio of work with an eye to getting into the modelling of fashion industry do please have them get in touch as I would love to talk with them and create something really special.

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