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Amazing photographer

I just got wind of this guy and could help but post the link here. I think his work is just amazing and inspiring. Brides and grooms, check it out!


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Chris and Crystal

Ahh, how I love an engagement shoot when it all goes right! Sunday was a beautiful spring morning and we met up at Whatcom Falls Park and Chris and Crystal are a handsome couple and although they were nervous to begin with that all soon fell away and they got really into the spirit of the day. Things went much more easily and I had a fine idea of what they wanted because they had done their homework and sent me a link to a flickr gallery full of shots they had found there which inspired them. If you’re interested in their pics you can see them here.

We enjoyed the sun and each others company and had a lovely time. and here are a few images to prove it!

In case you’re interested in seeing all the Worked On images from this shoot you can do so by going over to flickr here.

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Tulip Festival in Skagit

How many years have I lived in Bellingham? Nine, that’s how many. And until this year how many times have I been to the Tulip Festival? None, that’s how many. So this year I was absolutely determined that I was going to make it down there by hook or by crook. So Sunday was a beautiful day and the lovely Lola and I decided that that would be the day. And as soon as we sat in Tex the Trusty Toyota and reversed out of the drive…the rain began to fall. Well, we were not to be disheartened. Actually, I was all in favor of being disheartened but Lola urged me on and so we arrived and promptly got lost. Boy, this felt like it was simply not going to be my day! It was now getting on for sunset (or would have been if the sun had been anywhere to be seen) and we hadn’t even found a single tulip. Then we realized we were almost out of gas and had to stop to fill up. Lawks.

But finally we stumbled upon a fabulous farm full of five flavors of fantastic flowers! How’s that for alliteration? And we set about capturing some really rather great images, considering the weather and all the other strikes we had against us.

I love how the tulips are planted in rows like this. I wondered how they could keep track of them when they are bulbs so that there isn’t a stray purple one in the middle of the red strip! Would be awful to mix up the bags of bulbs. Perhaps the headiness of the tulips has got to me.

I don’t know why but this one reminds me of the storming of Normandy or some such. I think it’s because it looks like a single red poppy.

And I couldn’t go all that way without getting all Shadows and Lines a little bit! So here are a couple in that style.

If you’re interested in seeing more of these images then you can do so within my Flickr Stream by clicking here

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Modeling by the Bay

Amanda is a promising young model. She hasn’t done any modeling before but as you can see from these images she seems to have a natural flare for it. We met on a beautiful Sunday afternoon down by a dry dock amongst the hulks of boats both new and old, large and small. She had a couple of friends with her who helped a lot by carrying her changes of clothes and generally encouraging her.
The whole shoot lasted a little over an hour and probably could have gone a lot longer if we hadn’t begun to lose light. So next she’ll be getting prints and hopefully moving on to bright things in the future! If you would be interested in a similar shoot for yourself or someone you know do please get in touch.
For the nerds amongst you, the equipment used was a Pentax K20d (15mp), a Pentax 16-45mm f4, Pentax 50-135 f2.8 and a Metz Mecablitz flash plus a reflector.

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Cleo. My youngest portrait subject.

I was asked to go down to Seattle last weekend to photograph a new arrival. Cleo is only four months old and was not too impressed by the big rig set up of studio flash that I brought with me. I hope I won’t be accused of cruelty to children if I admit that the shoot went something like ‘flash…cry…sooth…flash…cry…sooth…’ Still, I guess we must all suffer for art! Her response to the flashes was so speedy I thought it might beat the flash’ 1/1000th second response time and register on the images!

Still, Cleo was not the only one to suffer at my hands that day. The family dogs also got their turn under the spotlight as you can see. They absolutely refused to join Cleo but still, pretty cute, I think!

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Exhibition currently running

I managed to get a three month show at the new spot on State Street, New York Pizza and Bar for my long running show, Shadows and Lines. This is a three month engagement running until the end of December. The prints are large, dark and imposing. I hope that people can get down to see them and enjoy the excellent food served there. I particularly recommend the bread sticks and marinara sauce. They’re a steal!
Please, do try to see these images as I am very proud of them and I’m excited for people to enjoy them too.

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The return of Family Photo Day!

After a few month’s hiatus it’s the return of The Family Photo Day!

So come join in the fun! On the first and third Tuesday of every month from four till seven I’m at the Public Market on Cornwall Avenue (the Public market, not the Farmers’ Market!)

Come on down and sit for a portrait in only ten minutes. It’s always free to sit and you only pay for prints if you like what I come up with. If you don’t like what you see then you walk away owing nothing. If you do like the results then pay for a set of prints and pick them up in a week from the checkout at the Market.

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