New Lessons at Semiahmoo

August 12th brought a large scale wedding shoot at Semiahmoo, up by the Canadian Border. Boy, was that a hectic day? I took an assistant for company and off we went for eight hours of fun in the rainy and overcast day.

Jesse and Mandy could not be nicer people and their daughter Bailey-Mae and English Bulldog Lucy were just adorable. But the day was rushed. Never was there a moment to pause as we flew from one place to another, shooting shooting, always shooting. At the end of the day, when finally we left at 11pm I had 650 shots on five cards. Normally I like to shoot in what is called RAW format. For those who enjoy technical knowledge, RAW is a format that allows a great deal more flexibility in post processing. Most cameras shoot JPGs. When a camera shoots JPGs it looks at each shot and makes decisions about what it thinks are important in terms of exposure and it throws an awful lot of information away once it has made up its mind. Well, I don’t trust my camera to make that kind of decision, thank you very much! So I shoot RAW which allows me to bring in details that might have been lost in shadow or highlight. It also means 16mb images.

So what did I learn? I learned that the very next day I must sit down at my computer, go to (tip for Washington residents, is just like Amazon (it’s actually almost a carbon copy) but they have no ‘bricks and mortar’ in Washington state, hence no sales tax. Save yourself a buck or two that way!) and order a couple more cards. I now travel to shoots with ten gigabytes in my bag and a few more about my person I can raid if the going gets tough.

So anyway, back with Jesse and Mandy. I think this was head and shoulders the best wedding gig I’ve done. A first edit only allowed me to weed out a little under a hundred images. So many great images and where to start with choosing the ones to turn into prints, books, slideshows and who knows what else? We’ll see once the dust settles and we get a chance to meet.

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