Suzannah and Rachel.

Sunday was a really rather special day for me. It marked my departure as a double fisted photographer in the sense that I now have two cameras to shoot with so that I don’t have to keep stoppping to change lens all the time. Made me feel super cool, so it did! Nice to be double fisted as well as ham fisted. It was also my first gay engagement shoot. Rachel and Suzannah are a wonderful couple. Full of love and joy and excitement for their upcoming wedding. We met at Marin Park in beautiful Fairhaven and wandered down the railway line towards Post Point.

This was also a first in another way. With every wedding couple I advise that they look on flickr or whichever is their favourite photo sharing site and to send me any images they may find that they like and to tell me what it is about these images which appeal. Is it the lighting, the colours, the composition, the expressions, the positioning of the figures? And clients NEVER do so! Until Rachel and Suzannah who supplied eight or nine great images and using these as starting points we managed to create some really wonderful shots. It pays to do your homework, people!

Thanks, Suzannah and Rachel for being such good sports and I look forward greatly to the actual wedding day at Lairmont Manor. And remember, if you book a wedding shoot with me you will ALWAYS get an engagement shoot included in the deal.

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