Sometimes just pounding the pavement can pay dividends. I decided it was time for me to do just that and to attempt to find some work with a little more… creativity and attitude than I have perhaps had of late. And so I went into Toni&Guy on Railroad and spoke with Darla there. We both had the same goal in mind; to find a way in which the students could get high quality images to submit for the competition without breaking their (student sized) banks. Before I knew it I was doing photographs for around fifteen students, each with either three or six models.

This led to a lot of work for me, a lot of wonderful images for my portfolio, site and, of course, for you on this blog. Most importantly it meant the students got professional images for only around $40 per student. We shot upstairs at the salon using my portable studio,

we shot out in the alley behind the studio,

we shot in the street in front of the salon,

we shot at the beach in Boulevard park

and we shot on a country lane off State Street.

I am very happy with the results and hope that this may lead to more of the same.

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