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Another wonderful wedding

One of my favorite 'formal' wedding portraits.

Sometimes my favorite weddings are the small weddings. And so it was with that of Sharlane and Andy. Lola and I headed up to the North Fork Beer Shrine for a wonderful, intimate occasion with food that was sublime (that pizza! That Cesar salad!) and microbrews, with smiling faces and love.

Approcahing the celebrant, old style!

Andy and Sharlane have such a zest for life. Sharlane had such fun getting ready upstairs in the funky and cluttered room. Andy paced nervously outside.

The bride descends to meet her groom.

And then, when he finally did see her in all her glory, he could hardly contain himself.

No caption necessary!

The ceremony was beautiful and succinct and the formal group shots were of the very best sort, everyone in one place looking happy!


Leaving plenty more time to party!

The essentials.



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