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Head shot Jamboree!

I was so excited to be able to offer a full weekend of head shots and portraits at the new Sylvia Center For The Arts ( This was a community based event where high quality images could be offered at a great price ($50/person) with people signing up in advance. I ended up photographing sixteen people and I think the results were terrific! I hope this will be an event that may be a regular thing.


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Tennessee Wedding

Clarksville, Tennessee has a hidden gem in the Smith-Lahearne Mansion. It really is perhaps the most beautiful place I have ever photographed a wedding. Such a beautiful couple at such a beautiful spot made my job very easy. I love doing wedding photography when it all goes right just like this.

Location weddings can be stressful. I can’t bring studio lighting or even multiple cameras due to travel restrictions. This was the first wedding I’d shot with my new Sony RX10 Markiii which is, strictly speaking, a bridge camera meaning it is relatively small and has a built-in lens but as these images show it more than held its own and allowed me to travel with a small bag containing any the camera, a flash, a flash radio transmitter, neutral density filters and a cable release. Other than that all I had with me was a small tripod and a reflector and yet I am very pleased with what we managed to achieve.

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