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Jinx Water Fight

I had a wonderful experience last week. It was July 3rd, the day before the Big Day and also Gallery Walk night. Jinx were holding a fund raiser picnic come band night come dance cabaret come ‘Belebrity’ dunk tank. At least, the dunk tank was promised but unfortunately never materialised. Apparently all the dunk tanks in Washington State were already booked up for the 4th July celebrations. So, after a scramble, Michelle and crew changed the water element to water balloons with ‘Belebrities as targets.

So Lola, Ally and I all turned up with our picnic, blanket etc only to find we were the only picnickers. Boo! I guess everyone else was insufficiently nerdy to enjoy a good butty on the street. Anyway, before we knew where we were I had been roped into being one of the targets and some rather wonderful photo opportunities ensued. You can see all the resultant images by clicking here.


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