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Katie is a local ballet dancer who wanted to collaborate with me to produce some fine art. So we found another local, a make up artist and the three of us worked to produce these images.


On a semi-regular basis I like to rent Inspire Yoga Studio in downtown Bellingham because it is a very large space with lots of beautiful windows and exposed brick as well as hardwood floors. There are also lots of electrical outlets which makes a big difference, of course!


This was the first time I’ve attempted something which I wanted to do for a long time which is to have the trailing white powder. I think that usually this is chalk powder but we used flower which seemed to work very well.



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Modeling by the Bay

Amanda is a promising young model. She hasn’t done any modeling before but as you can see from these images she seems to have a natural flare for it. We met on a beautiful Sunday afternoon down by a dry dock amongst the hulks of boats both new and old, large and small. She had a couple of friends with her who helped a lot by carrying her changes of clothes and generally encouraging her.
The whole shoot lasted a little over an hour and probably could have gone a lot longer if we hadn’t begun to lose light. So next she’ll be getting prints and hopefully moving on to bright things in the future! If you would be interested in a similar shoot for yourself or someone you know do please get in touch.
For the nerds amongst you, the equipment used was a Pentax K20d (15mp), a Pentax 16-45mm f4, Pentax 50-135 f2.8 and a Metz Mecablitz flash plus a reflector.

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