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Katie is a local ballet dancer who wanted to collaborate with me to produce some fine art. So we found another local, a make up artist and the three of us worked to produce these images.


On a semi-regular basis I like to rent Inspire Yoga Studio in downtown Bellingham because it is a very large space with lots of beautiful windows and exposed brick as well as hardwood floors. There are also lots of electrical outlets which makes a big difference, of course!


This was the first time I’ve attempted something which I wanted to do for a long time which is to have the trailing white powder. I think that usually this is chalk powder but we used flower which seemed to work very well.



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A Big Smile

A Big Smile

Ahh, the joys of photographing babies! Where would the struggling genius be without a constant stream of brand new little humans to immortalize? It saddens me to think of all the parents who simply don’t get any shots of their little ones and then regret it in later life. Can there be any greater tragedy? Well, yes, clearly there are many but the alternativces to those others do not result in an income stream for me so I have less interest in those.

Caleb enjoys my tasteless humor.

I wonder what it is that makes children like me. Perhaps it’s the rare opportunity to be someone’s intellectual superior or maybe it’s the goofy facial expressions I produce for them. Anyway, whatever it may be, when a kid comes into my studio it is rare indeed that I can’t weedle a smile from them.

Big Dog Head

A set of fine props can really aid a photo session. In this case the family brought in Barnabus, the big, tan dog. As you can see, he is a VERY big dog. What you can’t see is just how gentle he is.

He goes down!

Of course, props of this size, irrespective of their demeanor, can cause mayhem simply by stretching. Apparently this is Grandma’s favorite from the shoot!

Old style.

And this is mom’s!


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Avery is a delightful young man of only seven months. I can’t describe how easy it was to photograph him. He smiles, he giggles, he looks at me and loves the camera.

I did have a realisation whilst doing this shoot though and that is that I need to make up a few small sets of toys, one for each age group. Probably should be classic items such as Crayola crayons, wooden trains and so on. This shoot really worked but, had Avery been less excited about being in front of the camera some distractions might have been a good thing.

When I say I had nothing I am not actually telling the truth. In the foreground here we see Squirrel who was one of my favourites when I was a nipper. Avery showed about as much interest in Squirrel as my daughter Ally did i.e. none. Ahh well, never mind, Squirrel, I still love you.

I also improvised with my hat.

And finally this, the classic baby shot. Lovely!

If you look closely you will see that Avery’s skin is amazingly flawless. Now far be it from me to say that a babys skin is not actually flawless but…well, they ain’t, especially in winter. So what’s a photographer to do? Well, I have to thank Clint for turning me on to Portrait Professional which is my latest software acquisition. Perhaps I shouldn’t be giving away the tools of the trade but boy, does this program work miracles and take the effort out of producing perfect faces every time!

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Modeling by the Bay

Amanda is a promising young model. She hasn’t done any modeling before but as you can see from these images she seems to have a natural flare for it. We met on a beautiful Sunday afternoon down by a dry dock amongst the hulks of boats both new and old, large and small. She had a couple of friends with her who helped a lot by carrying her changes of clothes and generally encouraging her.
The whole shoot lasted a little over an hour and probably could have gone a lot longer if we hadn’t begun to lose light. So next she’ll be getting prints and hopefully moving on to bright things in the future! If you would be interested in a similar shoot for yourself or someone you know do please get in touch.
For the nerds amongst you, the equipment used was a Pentax K20d (15mp), a Pentax 16-45mm f4, Pentax 50-135 f2.8 and a Metz Mecablitz flash plus a reflector.

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Cleo. My youngest portrait subject.

I was asked to go down to Seattle last weekend to photograph a new arrival. Cleo is only four months old and was not too impressed by the big rig set up of studio flash that I brought with me. I hope I won’t be accused of cruelty to children if I admit that the shoot went something like ‘flash…cry…sooth…flash…cry…sooth…’ Still, I guess we must all suffer for art! Her response to the flashes was so speedy I thought it might beat the flash’ 1/1000th second response time and register on the images!

Still, Cleo was not the only one to suffer at my hands that day. The family dogs also got their turn under the spotlight as you can see. They absolutely refused to join Cleo but still, pretty cute, I think!

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