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Head shot Jamboree!

I was so excited to be able to offer a full weekend of head shots and portraits at the new Sylvia Center For The Arts ( This was a community based event where high quality images could be offered at a great price ($50/person) with people signing up in advance. I ended up photographing sixteen people and I think the results were terrific! I hope this will be an event that may be a regular thing.


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Tennessee Wedding

Clarksville, Tennessee has a hidden gem in the Smith-Lahearne Mansion. It really is perhaps the most beautiful place I have ever photographed a wedding. Such a beautiful couple at such a beautiful spot made my job very easy. I love doing wedding photography when it all goes right just like this.

Location weddings can be stressful. I can’t bring studio lighting or even multiple cameras due to travel restrictions. This was the first wedding I’d shot with my new Sony RX10 Markiii which is, strictly speaking, a bridge camera meaning it is relatively small and has a built-in lens but as these images show it more than held its own and allowed me to travel with a small bag containing any the camera, a flash, a flash radio transmitter, neutral density filters and a cable release. Other than that all I had with me was a small tripod and a reflector and yet I am very pleased with what we managed to achieve.

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Portrait/Headshot Weekend

I’m excited to invite you all to join me for a very special weekend on the 17th and 18th of June. At that time will be the opportunity to get portraits or business head shots taken anytime between nine and for at the Sylvia Centre in downtown Bellingham. Please take a look at for more information and I hope to see you all there!

Headshot weekend3

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From Clown to Beauty

A year or so ago I did a photo shoot for the Idiom Theatre here in Bellingham. This was for a production based around clowns. This was a photograph I got of one of the performers, Shu-Ling.

Clowns (103 of 436)_1

When I saw, about a week or so ago, that she had posted it on Facebook saying that she needed a headshot for grant applications for the new theatre and that this was all she had I knew that it was a great opportunity for me to offer my services on a voluntary basis. And so I met her at the theatre and we shot these photographs. It’s hard to believe that this is the same person!

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Emma From the Last Century.


Something that I really love to do is to bring a high level of art to my shoots. This often means needing to shoot purely for the love of the artistry and with no idea of earning any money!


I’ve been lucky enough to meet a local young woman with wonderful looks and a great ability to model. She is always willing to take on new projects and to share our creativity.


This week we went into the studio with a local hairstylist and make-up artist to produce them shots in the style of the 1910s, 20s and 30s. I hope you like the results. I am very happy with them.


If you know of somebody, male or female, who might be looking to put together a portfolio of work with an eye to getting into the modelling of fashion industry do please have them get in touch as I would love to talk with them and create something really special.

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A Big Smile

A Big Smile

Ahh, the joys of photographing babies! Where would the struggling genius be without a constant stream of brand new little humans to immortalize? It saddens me to think of all the parents who simply don’t get any shots of their little ones and then regret it in later life. Can there be any greater tragedy? Well, yes, clearly there are many but the alternativces to those others do not result in an income stream for me so I have less interest in those.

Caleb enjoys my tasteless humor.

I wonder what it is that makes children like me. Perhaps it’s the rare opportunity to be someone’s intellectual superior or maybe it’s the goofy facial expressions I produce for them. Anyway, whatever it may be, when a kid comes into my studio it is rare indeed that I can’t weedle a smile from them.

Big Dog Head

A set of fine props can really aid a photo session. In this case the family brought in Barnabus, the big, tan dog. As you can see, he is a VERY big dog. What you can’t see is just how gentle he is.

He goes down!

Of course, props of this size, irrespective of their demeanor, can cause mayhem simply by stretching. Apparently this is Grandma’s favorite from the shoot!

Old style.

And this is mom’s!


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Bar Mitzvah

I had the pleasure of shooting my first Bar Mitzvah the other day. I arrived at the Synagogue as the ceremony was still going on and stood just outside the door shooting into the temple until roundly told off by a six year old who informed me that that was forbidden. Roundly chastised I duly waited until afterwards and began to shoot. My Metz flash, combined with the light from the beautiful windows behind seem to have done a good job of capturing the spirit of the place.

Phil Rose photography, Bellingham, weddings, funerals, bar mitzvahs

At the Ceremony 1

Phil Rose photography, Bellingham, weddings, funerals, bar mitzvahs

At the cermoney 2

After the ceremony I went home for a few hours before going out to a beautiful golf club in the evening to capture a wild and fun party.

Phil Rose photography, Bellingham, weddings, funerals, bar mitzvahs

Fun fun fun!

It was a wonderful evening with plenty of food and drink and a great atmosphere mixing the traditional with the new.

Phil Rose photography, Bellingham, weddings, funerals, bar mitzvahs

Tobias aloft!

Phil Rose photography, Bellingham, weddings, funerals, bar mitzvahs

The tradition of light

I just loved that there were so many kids there. I love to photograph kids!

Tobias and his buds!

Phil Rose photography, Bellingham, weddings, funerals, bar mitzvahs

People made good use of the gifts!

All in all a wonderful day!

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