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Out in the Sticks at Midnight.

In the off-season I find I have more of a chance to get out into nature and photograph beautiful county. Last week a friend and I went off to the Lummi Ferry Dock. People may remember just how incredibly cold it was last week and I feel like I almost lost some fingers!


But despite the freezing weather it was very much worth it to capture these images. I was pleased to discover the difference just a few feet of elevation can make. I’m not gonna show you the shot that I took first but this one is the one I took when I walked down onto the beach and the lighting became so much softer. When I was up higher the central light just streaked across the sea causing a horrible glare. This is so much nicer, trust me!


I’m not sure what it is about this shot that appeal so much. Perhaps that is the stark nature or the cones of light coming from the three light sources but anyway somehow this reminds me of Scandinavia. The angled lines pull the eye into the centre of the frame which is also a good thing, of course.


A 10 second exposure renders of the sea as a soft mirror reflecting all the straight lines. I particularly love the ladder that is a detail that catches the eye on the right and the bird which catches the eye on the left.


Another stark image I like very much. The summer shows at five seconds and something about it looks like infrared. I also love the echo of the rather dimmer pole in the centre.

If you like any of these images in particular I would like a print please don’t hesitate to get in touch. I always love to sell images as prints and to imagine them gracing somebody’s wall.



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